Places To Go For A Walk West of I-95, Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington, Delaware, is a city rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. While the downtown area offers plenty of activities, there are also numerous scenic spots to explore on foot west of I-95. Whether you're a local seeking a new walking route or a visitor looking to immerse yourself in the region's charm, we've compiled a list of must-visit places for a delightful walk. Lace up your walking shoes and get ready to discover the natural wonders of Wilmington's western side. Here are the places our West Wilmington personal injury attorneys like to walk West of I-95:

Browntown Wilmington, DE

Browntown is a historically significant area in Wilmington, originally settled by Polish immigrants. Today, it is a diverse neighborhood that maintains its rich cultural heritage. Take a walk through Browntown and appreciate the blend of different ethnicities and the unique character it brings to the city.

The Flats Wilmington, DE

Founded in the early 1900s by William Bancroft, The Flats was developed as an affordable housing community. Today, this predominantly minority neighborhood is undergoing revitalization efforts. Explore The Flats to witness the transformation and experience the vibrant spirit of the community.

Little Italy Wilmington, DE

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Little Italy, a neighborhood centered around Union Street and Lincoln Street. Discover the rich Italian heritage and enjoy the annual Italian Festival that celebrates the area's cultural roots.

Hilltop Wilmington, DE

Hilltop, situated along 4th Street and roughly bordered by Lancaster Avenue, Jackson Street, and Clayton Street, is a diverse and culturally rich neighborhood. Take a walk through Hilltop to experience its vibrant community spirit and appreciate its diverse heritage.

The Highlands Wilmington, DE

Bordered by Pennsylvania Avenue and Delaware Avenue, The Highlands is a neighborhood developed in the 19th century for affluent middle-class residents. Marvel at the exuberant architectural detailing of its detached and semi-detached houses, representing popular styles of the time.

Hedgeville Wilmington, DE

Hedgeville is a diverse neighborhood with a rich cultural fabric. Explore its streets and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere created by the blend of different ethnicities and community pride.

Forty Acres Wilmington, DE

Located northeast of Delaware Avenue, southwest of Riddle Avenue, east of Union Street, and west of DuPont Street, Forty Acres is a historically Irish neighborhood with deep roots in the city's history. Take a walk through its streets and admire the architectural heritage and the sense of community.

Trolley Square Wilmington, DE

Trolley Square is a charming neighborhood that developed in the 1860s, thanks to the extension of the city's trolley line. Explore its streets, enjoy the architectural diversity, and visit the Trolley Square shopping complex, which occupies the site of the former trolley depot and bus barn.

Wawaset Park Wilmington, DE

These three interconnected neighborhoods, constructed by the Dupont Company, offer a mix of single-family homes and attached houses. Enjoy a walk through Wawaset Park, a registered historic place, and discover the community's rich history and architectural beauty.

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