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Kenton Delaware

Kenton, Delaware: Where History Meets Community

Welcome to Kenton, a quaint town nestled in Kent County, Delaware, proudly served by The Sharma Law Firm, your trusted personal injury attorney located in Dover. Kenton's rich history and vibrant community make it a remarkable place to call home.

A Glimpse into Kenton's Past

Kenton's journey through time is intertwined with the development of the Village of Kenton, located at the crossroads of Route 42 and Route 300 in Kenton Hundred, Delaware. While the village dates back to the late 18th century, it reached its zenith during the latter half of the 19th century when the Delaware and Maryland Railroad line connected Clayton to Maryland.

Kenton's origins can be traced back to 1796 when Philip Lewis laid out the community. Initially known as Georgetown, it underwent name changes, including Lewis Crossroads, before finally being christened Kenton in 1806.

The Kenton Historic District, a testament to the town's enduring heritage, earned its place on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Additional sites near Kenton, also on the National Register of Historic Places, include the George Arnold House, Aspendale, Thomas Attix House, J. F. Betz House, Benjamin Blackiston House, W. D. Burrows House, Scene of Cheyney Clow's Rebellion, Clark-Pratt House, Cooper House, Thomas Davis House, N. C. Downs House, T.H. Denny House, Green Mansion House (Kenton, Delaware), Robert Hill House, Hoffecker-Lockwood House, Alfred L. Hudson House, Kenton Post Office, Thomas Lamb Farm, Thomas Lamb House, Jefferson Lewis House, Delaplane McDaniel House, Poinsett House, Somerville, William Stevens House, James Williams House, and Wright-Carry House.

Exploring Kenton's Geography

Nestled at coordinates 39°13′39″N latitude and 75°39′47″W longitude, Kenton spans an area of 0.2 square miles, entirely land. Its location makes it a hub of connectivity for residents and travelers alike.

The Heart of Kenton's Community

Kenton's community reflects a blend of tradition and modernity. In 2020, the town was home to 215 residents, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of this historical crossroads.

With a commitment to inclusivity, Kenton has nurtured an atmosphere of harmony and unity. Families make up a significant portion of the population, with 36.1% of households having children under the age of 18. Married couples find a welcoming home in Kenton, with 59.0% living together. The town celebrates diversity and embodies the spirit of mutual respect.

Serving Kenton with Pride

At The Sharma Law Firm, we take immense pride in extending our legal services to the residents of Kenton. We understand the importance of a close-knit community, and we are here to provide unwavering support, ensuring that justice prevails in Kenton, Delaware.

Should you require legal assistance or have questions about personal injury cases, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated team is committed to safeguarding your rights and protecting your interests.

Navigating Kenton's Infrastructure

Kenton's strategic location at the intersection of Delaware Route 42 and Delaware Route 300 facilitates easy transportation. DE 42, running northwest to southeast on Commerce Street, connects Kenton to Blackiston and Cheswold. DE 300, passing southwest to northeast on Main Street, offers access to the Maryland border and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the west and Smyrna to the northeast. It also intersects with US 13, providing access to Dover and Wilmington.

Utility Services in Kenton

Delmarva Power, a subsidiary of Exelon, provides electricity to Kenton, ensuring residents have access to essential utilities. Chesapeake Utilities serves as the natural gas provider for the town. Trash collection services are available through private haulers, including Waste Industries, RPJ Waste Services, Inc., and Waste Management.

Kenton, Delaware, is more than just a town; it's a community where history meets modernity, and tradition blends seamlessly with progress. The Sharma Law Firm is here to serve Kenton and its residents with dedication and commitment. We are your legal partners, ensuring justice is upheld in this remarkable town.

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