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Smyrna Delaware 19977

Welcome to Smyrna, Delaware – Proudly Served by The Sharma Law Firm

When it comes to the vibrant town of Smyrna, Delaware, The Sharma Law Firm is proud to extend its legal services to the residents of this charming community. We understand the importance of strong legal representation, especially in a town with such a rich history and a thriving population. Let us be your dedicated personal injury attorney in Dover, DE, serving Smyrna and the surrounding areas.

Smyrna: A Glimpse into its History

Smyrna, situated in both Kent and New Castle counties, is a picturesque town that holds a unique place in Delaware's history. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's data from 2020, Smyrna's population stands at 12,883 residents, making it an integral part of the Dover metropolitan statistical area.

One of Smyrna's notable claims to fame is its association with distinguished individuals, including international jurist John Bassett Moore and prominent politicians Louis McLane and James Williams. This town has produced exceptional talent that has made its mark on the world.

A Name Steeped in Meaning

Smyrna's name has an interesting origin. Originally known as Duck Creek Cross Roads, it adopted its current name in 1806, inspired by the Greek seaport of Smyrna, now located in Turkey. The town's historical significance lies in its role as a vital shipping center along Duck Creek, serving as the most important port between Wilmington and Lewes. Smyrna facilitated the transportation of grain, lumber, tanbark, and produce to points north during its heyday. Even after the shipping industry declined in the 1850s, Smyrna continued to thrive as an agricultural center, contributing to the region's prosperity.

Another fascinating account of Smyrna's name change dates back to the Second Great Awakening of 1806–1807 when Methodist preacher Frances Asbury delivered a powerful sermon on the Church at Smyrna from the book of Revelation to the local Methodist society. The sermon resonated deeply with the residents, leading to the town's renaming in honor of this inspirational message.

A Glimpse into Smyrna's Geography and Climate

Smyrna boasts a scenic landscape, with a total area of 3.8 square miles, of which 3.7 square miles is land and 0.1 square miles (2.13%) is water. The town experiences a humid subtropical climate, abbreviated as "Cfa" on climate maps, characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild to cool winters. This climate makes Smyrna an attractive place to live for those who appreciate a variety of weather experiences throughout the year.

Demographics Reflecting Smyrna's Diversity

The demographic makeup of Smyrna showcases its diversity and rich cultural tapestry. According to the 2000 census, the town was home to 5,679 residents, residing in 2,114 households, and 1,462 families. Smyrna's population density was 1,541.9 inhabitants per square mile, reflecting its vibrant community.

The town's racial composition is diverse, with 72.88% White, 22.42% African American, 0.51% Native American, 0.56% Asian, 0.07% Pacific Islander, and 1.44% from other races. Additionally, 2.11% of the population represents two or more races, highlighting Smyrna's multicultural fabric. Hispanic or Latino individuals make up 3.42% of the population, contributing to the town's rich cultural heritage.

Smyrna's demographics reflect a mix of households, with 36.7% consisting of families with children under 18, 45.9% being married couples living together, and 18.4% headed by a female householder with no husband present. Smyrna welcomes individuals from all walks of life, with 24.9% of households consisting of single individuals and 10.4% comprised of seniors aged 65 or older.

Thriving and Growing: Smyrna's Future

Smyrna's journey through history, its diverse population, and its scenic landscape make it a town of opportunity and promise. The population growth over the years is a testament to Smyrna's appeal, with the 2020 census reporting 28.5% growth since 2010.

At The Sharma Law Firm, we're committed to serving the residents of Smyrna and providing top-notch legal assistance in personal injury cases. Our experienced team is dedicated to safeguarding your rights and helping you secure the compensation you deserve.

Whether you're a longtime Smyrna resident or a newcomer to this charming town, we're here to support you. Contact The Sharma Law Firm today, and let us be your trusted personal injury attorney in Dover, DE, serving Smyrna and beyond. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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