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Exploring Newport, Delaware: Where History and Innovation Converge

At The Sharma Law Firm, we are proud to serve the residents of Newport, Delaware, and the surrounding areas from our Wilmington, DE location. Newport, a picturesque town nestled along the Christina River, is not just a place; it's a testament to American history and innovation. Here's a glimpse into what makes Newport a unique and vibrant community.

A Town Steeped in History

Newport, Delaware, is a town with deep historical roots. Long before European settlement, the Minquas (or Susquehannock) people inhabited the region, leaving their mark on Newport's heritage. This heritage lives on today through the Minquas Fire Company, Newport's volunteer fire company.

European influence arrived in the 17th century when the area's land was granted to the Duke of York in 1641. It was John Justis, a local businessman, who recognized the potential of this area as a commercial crossroads and port. In the years that followed, the town of Newport-Ayre emerged, reflecting its significance in trade and commerce.

During the Revolutionary War, George Washington passed through Newport while preparing for the Battle of the Brandywine in 1777. The town later dropped the "Ayre" from its name, becoming simply Newport. In 1793, the U.S. Postal Service opened a branch office, solidifying Newport's place on the map.

Commerce and Innovation

In the early 19th century, Newport thrived as a center of commerce. Conestoga wagons transported farm products from as far as Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to Newport's docks on the Christina River. From there, these goods were loaded onto ships bound for Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. However, as new roads favored the larger city of Wilmington, and the railroad reached the area in 1837, Newport's importance as a trading hub began to wane.

In 1873, Newport incorporated as a town and embraced manufacturing. It was home to chemical works, a glue factory, and an ironworks by 1900. Notably, Henrik J. Krebs founded the Krebs Pigments and Chemical Company in Newport in 1908, a facility later acquired by E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company in 1929 and subsequently sold to Ciba-Geigy in 1984.

A Place of Heritage

Newport's historical significance is reflected in its National Register of Historic Places listings. These include the Armstrong Lodge No. 26, A.F. & A.M., Collison House, Galloway-Walker House, Killgore Hall, Joseph Killgore House, Newport National Bank, Newport Railroad Station, Joseph Tatnall House, Lewis Weldin House, and Woman's Club of Newport.

Economy and Industry

Today, Newport boasts a diverse economy with several small industries within its borders, including a BASF pigment manufacturing plant. The town has also been associated with automobile manufacturing, with the General Motors Wilmington Assembly facility located just north of town. Although it operated from 1947 to 2009, the location later saw plans for electric automobile production by Fisker Automotive, which were never realized, leading to the construction of an Amazon warehouse on the site.

Education and Community

Newport is served by the Red Clay Consolidated School District, providing quality education to its residents. Richey Elementary School, Conrad Schools of Science, and Delaware Military Academy are among the educational institutions that contribute to the town's vibrant community.

At The Sharma Law Firm, we understand the unique needs of Newport residents. Whether you're facing legal challenges or require expert legal counsel, we are here to help. Contact us today, and let us be your trusted legal partner in Newport, Delaware, a town where history and innovation continue to flourish side by side.

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